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"Its....Its.....Its just so....."

yes It is so very amazing the animation is better than i ever couldve done in five hundred million years the music In my opinion its quite good, just not my type of music. i liked the robot. He is an good guitarist. I noticed someone asked to see his band...? isnt it just him? really cool film.

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"I Hate It!"

Its so... its just soo.... it...its soo addicting... so I cannot fail it. sooo anoying, but I must beat it


This game is Really fun, in a way its perfect (epic) I didn't want to stop playing, it just... Too addicting...for me...must play...more...

"fast paced, don't trip"

This is a fast paced, running through the wild sort of game and i can give it credit for being a bit (for the parts i played) repetitive which I think wouldn't be something you want a good game to be. More obstacles perhaps, or maybe..
and i was dissapointed when i was eaten up by the explosion.. noise for the explosion would give plusses indeed.

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"Take a NES and bash my head in with it"

Because this is so distinctively Retro gaming that it's shouting "HEY LOOK AT ME I'M OBSOLETE" I mean, this would be great if during the first half of the song it didn't sound like a white noise generator that's being faded in and out... I seem to remember.. Well anywho, the bass is a bit lacking, I think it needs to be a bit more hyperactive, which it IS in some areas, but in the areas where it's mellow and just sustaining one note, maybe that could be two alternating notes or something...

Well I really didn't think it was BAD at all, I just think it needs fixing.

"Brings to mind..."

... how overrated mainstream is when you hear stuff that's actually better than the "music" that's played over and over and over on the radio.. For instance.. this.

My only little thing with this track is that the audio quality was inconsistent... I guess. The bass drum felt boomy, I mean, it works, but maybe if it were a little clearer.... Very appropriate title. I'll probably 5/5 it up top though.. :D

O-Prime125 responds:

You know your actually right lol, damn...somehow my recent tracks have been louder and unclearer than usual, strange =/, I'll fix that ^^

Thanks though! :D

"And close it quickly please, "

I gave it a three because the lead was pretty sick.

but the pattern get old after 10 secs and the orchestral thingy was bad.
the drummy thing in the bg were more annoying than...

GenoWhirled responds:

Well excuse me, high standards.


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